Green Party: Developers bid to make Essex Incinerator one of the biggest in England

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11 September 2015

New application for Rivenhall Airfield proposes burning 595,000 tonnes of waste per year

A new planning application has been submitted to Essex County Council (ECC) by Gent Fairhead for their proposed waste site at Rivenhall Airfield. This is the latest application in a planning saga that started in the 1990s.

Once again, Gent Fairhead are trying to vary the planning consent they already have from 2010, which in turn was different to the consent they obtained a few years prior. In particular Gent Fairhead want to make the incinerator capacity larger. The latest bid is for an incinerator with a capacity to burn 595,000 tonnes of waste per year. This is an increase over the 2010 consent for the plant of 65%. But it is 98% more than in the first version of the plant.

The new application is reference ESS/34/15/BTE and is out to a 3 week consultation from 27th August (though ECC has indicated to some objectors that it will accept representations up to 30th September).

The application proposes several things, including:


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