This plant, if built, will have the capacity to burn more waste per year than is produced by the whole of Essex per year!  It will be the largest incinerator in England and, to put this into context, will burn around the same amount of waste as the largest incinerator in the US!!

  • Why do we need an incinerator?

  • Why do we now not need a recycling plant?

  • Why has Essex County Council’s waste plan changed so dramatically since 1990s, and why have residents not been properly informed?

  • Was the incinerator planned all along?


Why don’t we want an incinerator?

We want to stop the waste site and incinerator proposed for Rivenhall Airfield.  It is a site in open countryside with many villages around it. These include Rivenhall, Silver End, Cressing, Bradwell, Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon. Witham and Braintree could also be affected.

The main issues are:

·      Emissions to air of gases, particulates, bioaerosols and odours

·      Health impacts on people and wildlife

·      Loss of farmland and impacts on surrounding land of accumulation of pollutants in soils

·      Increased HGV traffic on the A120 and connecting roads

·      Destruction of woodlands and other habitats of known protected and listed species

·      Impact on the listed buildings at Woodhouse Farm

·      Impacts on footpaths

·      Increased noise and light pollution in what is currently a very quiet area at night

·      Landscape impacts -including from the incinerator chimney (at least 35 metres tall)

·      The 2 year, 7 days a week construction period

·      The 24/7 operation of the plant when built

·      Impacts on recycling in Braintree District

·      Need for alternative plans to boost recycling and phase out incineration